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Commission - KPB

"I used Thunderbolt Photography and they personally met the needs of my business. They visualised and created my logo and helped make my Facebook business page. All my clients can now book themselves in while I'm free to concentrate on the client I'm with without any interruptions or loss of business. The visual looks great and and the page has made things stress free and less hassle. So if your're a business owner want stress free life contact Thunderbolt Photography, so a massive thank you again for your amazing work." - Keeley

Link: Keeley's Pamper Boutique

Promotional - Airbrush Heaven

"Rich designed the logo for our company after listening to our brief and ideas as to what we were looking for. Using his skills working with multiple layers of photographed images and personal artwork came up with a design that was suitable for the website but could be used for printed marketing material and our social media pages. Rich also incorporated the logo, and other artwork, into the large banners we needed for our trade shows where visual impact at a venue is a must. We had no second thoughts as to who to ask to do all our product shots and Rich produces crisp images that show our products in the best way possible for customers to view them." - Martyn

Link: Airbrush Heaven

Wedding - Idris & Lucie

"I first worked with thunderbolt, two years ago doing jazz fest. He took amazing pictures of me while I posed DJing my set, but what fascinated me was the rest of the pictures he covered for the festival. They were candid. It portrayed the life of the festival into the pictures. The reality of it. I decided to book him for my brothers wedding for candid photography to cover the wedding. His rates are phenomenal. For a big guy he went unnoticed doing his work without disrupting the event. He came as professional and was a professional where he captured moments that my brother and his wife are so grateful for. The album he sent after the wedding which was swift in getting to us was amazing. It showed all the emotions and moments In what a wedding should have. The tears the smiles the joy and the laughs. The little whispers between bride and groom. Thunderbolt photography is now the family photographer for all future events. Thank you for making my brother and his wife’s day an little more bit extra." - Moheideen

Link: None

Commission - Lakeland Laboratories

“I had the pleasure of working with Rich to add a modern spin to our site fire plan which was in desperate need of updating. During this process I found Rich to be extremely organised, a very effective communicator as well as a talented designer. With Rich's vision and experience he delivered the project within the agreed tight timescale, no compromise on quality and I was extremely satisfied with the site drawings he produced. If you are looking for someone with design talent as well as being a pleasure to work with I would highly recommend him, thanks for all your help Rich." - Marie Keane, Lakeland Laboratories Ltd

Link:  Lakeland Laboratories

Event - Keystone Event Management

"Well where do I start... Richard has been absolute pleasure to work with. First used Richard's photography services about 3 years ago and was so pleased with the professionalism, knowledge and quality of the pictures - I am very happy to use him for events I organise. Richard has a unque ability to become unnoticed in the background, take some fantastic pictures and capture the essence of the events, while making people feel comfortable. He clearly takes pride in his work and it shows through the quality of the pictures he takes. Richards passion for photography, his knowledge of techniques, and research he does beforehand, means that the photographs are one area I do not have to be concerned about - as Richard has it all under control. Richard as well has gone above and beyond where needed and helped me on jobs where he didn't have to, or without being asked. He is a amazing person to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future." - Chantelle

Link: Keystone Event Management

Band - Artizan

"I've gotta say a massive thank you to Richard and his patience with the band through a lengthy process. We didn't just get a finished product but Rich became an integral part of the band as 6th member almost for about 2 months of brainstorming ideas logos and our promo posters. There was nothing clinical about his approach. He knew how we wanted to work and tailored everything!! The finished product is something more than we were expecting and we have used the new Logo and poster which really captures everything our live show is about. Rich you nailed it!!" - Adi

Link: Artizan

Event - Stolen Promotions

"I made an appointment with Thunderbolt photography to cover a gig I hosted, incredibly professional, brilliant photographer and all round great guy. I couldn't have been more pleased with his work and still couldn't believe how good value for money it was! 10/10 I'll definitely use Thunderbolt at every opportunity I have." -  Ben

Link: Stolen Promotions

Solo Artist - Oli Ng

"I've worked with Rich on numerous occasions for various different projects, and there is nothing he can't do. Rich has shot me performing LIVE, in the Studio and has also taken walk-around photos at a Family Party, all of which have become great promotional material for my brand and special memories for my Family. Rich has the professionalism, attention to detail and enthusiasm you want when looking for a Photographer!" - Oli

Link: Oli Ng

Wedding - Jess & Whitty

"When it came to our wedding we weren't after the traditional staged photos. What we wanted were the honest and candid moments of our day from the group celebrations with friends and family to those personal moments you want to remember forever, but might otherwise have gone unseen and unnoticed. This is exactly where Thunderbolt Photography excels. Whilst more than capable of capturing any form of traditional moments as mentioned above, he really shines in being the fly on the wall ninja of photography. This produces the most heartfelt and wonderful memories from your special day without any of the posed for smiles. Just natural laughter and celebrations that will take you straight back to the exact moment they were taken. An incredible artist and wonderful friend who captured our day perfectly. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Thank you, so so much. " - Jessica and Matthew Whitworth

Link: None

Band - Satisfiction

"I'm a lead singer/guitarist in a metal band, and I’ve met Mr Thunderbolt at various different gigs and festivals. Every time that he’s been present, he’s been the most professional photographer there, and reliably produces the best photos. Big man, big heart, bigger photos. Can’t recommend highly enough"  - Mike

Link: Satisfiction

Band - Quiet The Thief

"The quality of the images that Rich produces is fantastic. So fantastic we used four of his images on our debut album. He manages to catch the mood and great moments consistently, a real eye for an image. Anyone can just snap a picture and get lucky but Rich understands what’s going on and knows when to shoot and when to wait. Amazing guy and we love his work." - Stig

Link: Quiet The Thief

Band - Beckon Lane

"Richard is talented, and there is not much more you can add to this. I was flabbergasted with the quality of the photos he took during my band’s set at Rockwich festival. The mood using the lights available at a very dark venue really captured our set and reflected our general vibe. He knows how to capture moving images, and capture musicians at their most natural stance. I always say that a great live music photographer captures a great photo or two of our drummer. Not only did Richard do that, but also he managed to capture outstanding photos of drummer singing, which is difficult to do. Suffice to say, we have used these photos in some promotional material and personally I am hoping to work with Richard again." - Samer

Link: Beckon Lane

Band - Spartan Warrior

"Richard attended Lostock Music Festival, Cheshire at which Spartan Warrior played. It must be very difficult for photographers to capture moving targets on stage and under lights and equally difficult to capture and convey the energy of a bands performance. Richard is without doubt an accomplished and very talented photographer. The photographs that he took of Spartan Warrior on stage had great clarity, stunning colour, and really captured the energy of the bands performance using different angles and viewing perspectives to capture the movement and expression of both individual band members and the band as a collective. Richard very quickly and kindly shared his photographs with us. On a personal note, his undoubted photographic prowess aside, I have found him to be a very personable and nice guy. Best wishes from all of us at Spartan Warrior." - David

Link: Spartan Warrior

Wedding Evening - Paul & Lynne

"Richard did the wedding photos for some friends of ours earlier in the year, and as soon as we saw the beautiful candid shots he managed to capture, we knew it was exactly what we wanted from our wedding photographs. We aren't too keen on the usual posed wedding pics so having Rich wandering around, mingling with the guests and capturing the great moments was the perfect choice. Looking back at the album brings the sense of joy and love that we were feeling right back, and will be a perfect trip down memory lane forever. Many thanks Mr Ross." -  Paul and Lynne.

Link: None

Wedding - Steph & Tony

"Richard did our wedding photo's with his lovely assistant Hilda. I have known Richard personally as a friend and always enjoyed his work. Richard and I went though the whole day of what pictures I wanted taken and times that he was required at our function. Richard was amazing with all of his details and what type of work Hilda will be doing though out the day. We had a check list that was required from Richard to be completed just to ensure and add on any extra photo's that we had requested. Richard is a wonderful people person and his work is 100%, he will never settle for 2nd best and will ensure all your pictures are amazing. I am very happy to provide this personal reference for richard and to pass on my details or to share the photos he took of our big day. Richards prices for his work are very reasonable for the quality of his work." - Steph

Link: None

Band - Silverchild

"Richard is a talented photographer whose sole focus is to capture whatever form of passion is happening in front of him. He is the only photographer that we have used so for and every time we receive incredible photos shot at the right time. He explores angles, distant and lighting and is reliable with a quick turnaround when it comes to editing the images and uploading them. As well as that he's an all-around nice guy and we're always happy to have Richard on board as part of the crew. We will be acquiring his assistants for many more gigs to come." - Vic

Link: Silverchild

Promotional - Koop Amarna Cosplay

"We’ve had a few shoots with Richard now, always great fun working with him, he’s an amiable fellow with some great ideas and really knows his stuff. The finished photos have always been wonderful and I’m consistently amazed at how quickly they arrive! Clearly he is feverishly toiling away in photoshop while mere mortals sleep" - Leon

Link: Koop Amarna Cosplay

Model - Neko Josei (Suicide Girl Hopefuls)

"I have worked with Rich on numerous occasions and thoroughly enjoy each time we collaborate. Rich is laid back and easy to get along with and always makes a shoot as comfortable as possible but always maintains a professional mind frame. We have captured so many great shots together and images received both pre and post production are of good quality. I have found Rich to be quick with getting images back to me even though he works too. In all Rich is a great guy and photographer. Thanks Rich!" - Neko

Link: Neko Josei

Model - Eva Storm

"I did a cosplay shoot with Thunderbolt Photography and cannot fault anything. Rich is easy to get on with and full of great ideas for poses and really good at giving direction, he had sourced some brilliant props for our theme before the shoot and took a large variety of shots. Turnaround time was excellent, I received a lot of images within a week of the shoot, all fully edited and looking fantastic. They are still some of my favourite images from any shoot I've done!" - Eva

Link: Eva Storm

Band - Footprints In The Custard

"Rich just shows up with his camera, casually greets the band with a cheesy grin and a few laughs, and then proceeds to take some of the most intense and professional live photos you can hope for on the scene. Not only has he got an eye for angle and timing, grabbing moments that others may miss, but he’s approachable and laid back. The perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness" - Russ

Link: Footprints In The Custard

Band - Skeletal Damage

"Well what can we say about Thunderbolt Photography? Well, each and every photo Richard took of our band was gold! Added to this his extremely fast editing of the images that we were able to get onto our website on the morning following the gig, it made our whole experience with Thunderbolt Photography a very pleasant change. Just to reiterate, fast, professional and damn nice to be around." - Mart

Link: Skeletal Damage

Wedding - Chantelle & Alek

"I had the pleasure of Ross and Hilda doing my wedding photography and it was the best decision I have made... not only where they completely professional, they put me completely at ease and taken great quality photos, that completely summed up the atmosphere and happiness of the day. Definitely highly recommended!" - Chantelle

Link: None

Band - Enemo-J

'"Playing various gigs from download to bloodstock and everywhere in between, I would usually shudder at the thought of a photographer being there, this was because there is rarely any professionals out there and it usually ends being a 14 year old, armed with a Facebook page and a 'top of the range' Sony cybershot camera. Recently we played a festival in which we happened upon 'Thunderbolt photography' a true professional in a sea of amateurs, not only a fantastic photographer but has the right equipment and the right attitude I clearly recommend Thunderbolt to all bands/promoters/festivals out there Plus he made me look thinner'" - Craig

Link: Enemo-J

Band - Hedra

"Richard has taken some great Photos of our band Hedra at Lostock Festival which is a music Festival in Northwich, we did not expect a resident Photographer at the event but when we saw his photos of the weekend we were very surprised with the way Richard had captured the energy and colours of the event. His calm approach and attention to detail are reflected in the output of the Photographs, he's a thoroughly nice chap and you can tell from this & the quality delivered that he can master any topic with ease. We recommend! \m/" - Jim

Link: Hedra

Family/Personal Portrait - Keeley

"Richard is amazing at what he does. He has done a family photo shoot with us and also a 40's style portrait.I  personally think his talents are amazing. He's kind and good at what he does for children who have special needs and to get them to smile and sit next to anyone is a challenge. He managed to get them giggling sitting even talking to him was fantastic with most photographers they will take a pic there u go, not what you want. Where as Richard is a perfectionist when it comes to your photos to give you  the best work he can.  I will always go to Richard. Thank you Richard for your amazing work looking forward to our next shoot together" - Keeley

Link: None

Promotional - Autumn Lungs

"I had heard great things about Thunderbolt photography and after seeing some pictures from a Dimebag Darrell tribute gig, I was blown away. I instantly enlisted Rich to take some photos for my musical project called Autumn Lungs. He was professional, courteous and flexible. I'm certainly not comfortable behind a camera lens but Rich made me feel very relaxed and I was incredibly happy with the results. I was able to select the preferred images and I received final edited copies in brilliant HD quality the next day. I will most definitely be working with Thunderbolt photography in the near future and I would absolutely recommend their service." - Gray

Link: Autumn Lungs

Commission - Plastic & Plasters

"Started a personal website for one of my hobbies and needed a logo that could be used, not for just the website, but would work on various social media pages and have some of the humour the domain name suggested. Rich took my original scrappy doodles and came back with 2. One exactly like my scribble and one using the elements he had seen in my idea, but with his own eye to design and personal creative input. Guess which one I chose?? …YES HIS. Cheers Rich and if I do another site you’re first to get the call." - Martyn

Link: Plastic & Plasters

Event - Private Party

"Many thanks for covering our parent's ruby wedding anniversary - you added a whole new dimension to the evening and you made their night. Your fun and friendly manner put everyone at ease, and the resulting shots speak for themselves. I would highly recommend using your photography services to anybody requiring creativity, professionalism and a commitment to excellence." - Owen (Graphic Designer)

Link: The Shed Light

Event - Alsager Music Festival

"Thunderbolt Photography covered Alsager Music Festival in July 2015, producing some amazing photos, which were posted the next day. A very professional, high quality, creative photographer. Thank you very much. Pete." - Pete

Link: Alsager Music Festival

Commission - Author

"Rich designed an extremely professional and classy book cover for me after being given only the germ of an idea. I found him pleasantly co-operative and super-efficient. He seems to thrive on challenges. I especially appreciated the way he grasped my fumbling inexperienced instructions which happily resulted in the production of a unique and excellent finished product." - Rosalie

Link: None

Artist/Model - Kerryanne

"I've worked with Richard a few times on shoots and collaborated as well. Working with another model for her portfolio doing makeup for a client for portfolio work. He's so easy to work with, and laid back approach puts even someone like me who is nervous being in front of the camera at ease. The level of professionalism you can't fault a variant of different styles catered for with a fresh vibrant feel. I was so pleased with the efficient quick turnaround of the whole process from arranging the shoots to receiving the final shots. I would recommend Thunderbolt Photography to anyone be it for a shoot for a portfolio or a special event." - Kerryanne

Link: Poison Palette

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