Gigs & Promotional Services

We have had the privilege of working along  side the likes of Diamond Head, Salem, Spartan Warrior, Orange Goblin, Ash, Massive Wagons, Fury, Hadouken, Pulled Apart By Horses, Spear Of Destiny, Footprints In The Custard, Silverchild
and many more...

We offer a variety of services to help develop and promote bands, musicians and solo artists, from covering live performances to creating a full tailor made promotional press packs. 

•Gig/Festival Coverage
• Promotional Press Pack
• Band Portraits
• Band Member Portraits
• Promotional Social Media Formats
• Printable Promotional Media Formats
• Band Merch Product Photography
• Calendar Shoot
• "Behind The Scenes" Teasers
• Tour Coverage/Documentation

We are more than happy to answer any queries you may have so feel free to drop us an email.
For a quote please click here

Thunderbolt Photography is also an affiliate of Prometheus Promotions . This small powerhouse provides a local festival, full of up and coming bands that have performed at Blood Stock, Amplified, Download, etc.

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