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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we hope to clarify the main common questions we get asked. We add more information as time goes on.

"What are your rates?"
All commissions/projects are different. We assess each project and whats involved and cost up a fee.
This is based on shooting time, editing, travelling, turnaround time, use (if commercial) and any extras needed.
For rate information, use the 'Contact Us' tab or contact us through our pages on instagram or facebook.

"Do you shoot on location or studio?"
Both; on location and a small studio space are available.

"How do I book you?"
Please use the 'Contact Us' tab or contact us through our pages on Instagram or Facebook with a detailed project brief. You will receive a quote with further information.

"When will I receive my photos?"
Depending on the project it can be 2-7 days for portrait based projects or event coverage. 3-4 weeks for a wedding.
More artistic commission may require more time based on the project.
Overall we try to process the photos as efficiently as possible with best end results.

"Can I use your photos on social media that I am tagged in?"
We are honoured that you'd choose one of our photos to represent yourself with. However, this is in regards to personal use only. This is the nature of social media.
Please tag 'Thunderbolt Photography' where it is used. 

"I'm in a band you covered at a gig. Can I use your photos on social media?"
We are happy for you to share our album on your band's page as a review of your performance. This we consider 'fair usage' within social media platforms.
If you want save our posted images to host yourself, please ask beforehand and do not edit or crop them and tag 'Thunderbolt Photography'.
If you would like to use our images for commercial purposes i.e. promotional and commercial works such as banners, poster, flyers, cover art/inlays, etc in either digital or print form please note there is a licensing fee.

"Who owns the copyright of the photo?"
We own the copyright to all images we take.
However for an agreed fee we can sign over the copyright.

"Do you travel?"
Yes we do. We cost up travel and show that clearly on the quote. We are limited to private hire and public transport.
Please also note that depending on distance, coverage and travel times a hotel maybe required.
It is possible to save this cost if there is a spare seat going or you have your own transport.

"Is a deposit required?"
All booking require a deposit to confirm the shoot. The fee will outlined on the quote. Please see T&C's for details.

"Do I need a MUA/Hairstylist/Wardrobe for my shoot?"
While it is not necessary, all of these elements add value to your shoot.
These elements will be discussed in the planning stage of the shoot to get the best end results.
This can be provided if desired at an additional cost.

"I am a Hair Stylist/MUA/Wardrobe Stylist I would love to work with you! How can I?"
We are always looking for people to work with.
If you are interested in being part of our team please use the 'Contact Us' tab or contact us through our pages on Instagram or Facebook and introduce yourself.

"What do I bring to my photo-shoot?"
Once your session is confirmed with a deposit we’ll have a creative consultation, which entails what you will wear along with props, theme if any and the general session details.

"Can I bring a friend along?"
Yes you can. We welcome chaperones and encourage this practise. There are some rules so please check our T&C's for details.

"Can I shadow you on a shoot/event?"
We do offer mentoring and one-on-one informal workshops time to time. Please use the 'Contact Us' tab or contact us through our pages on Instagram or Facebook.

"Can I pay with Paypal?"
Yes you can. We do prefer BAC transfer.

"Do you offer photo retouching/repair?"
Yes we do. We have an excellent image manipulation skill set and the results speak for themselves.
Please obtain the permission from the copyright owner of the image in writing before hand.

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